Name Game

Ready for a little fun and socializing?

The first person to decode the message and report to the DJ will win $100 cash.

The Code:
The coded message will be posted on the wall of the ballroom, as a string of oversized playing cards.  Each card corresponds to a letter, comprising the code.

How to Decrypt:
Every person coming to the reunion will be provided a nametag and "scorecard/ballot" (to keep track), similar to the EXAMPLE below. The FIRST LETTER of the nametag holder's FIRST NAME, corresponding to the CARD comprises the decrypted code.  In the example below, the decrypted code is "CAT".

Nametags will be issued in two colors - blue or red (Classmate or Plus 1, respectively, for easy identification).  Card colors are irrelevant to decrypting the code.  All attendees may participate.