Silent Joker Poker Auction:

Participation entirely voluntary!  In summary, you are helping us raise money for the reunion with proceeds benefitting the MMHS Foundation, giving scholarships to MM kids. [We will offer a donation jar for those that wish to contribute, but not subject themselves to awesomeness]

What you win:
You don't draw the "short straw" and have to be the Joker for 15 minutes at the reunion while playing poker and not talking or smiling.  Show us how the silent Joker plays Poker!

You don't have to play, and this is all for fun.  If you decide to participate, we ask that you follow through on your pledge, win or lose.  Regardless of participation, we will gladly accept contributions through other means.

To participate, RSVP to the "Joker Poker" Event
Upon RSVP registration, enter your pledge amount.
Money will not be actually collected by RSVPing - it will be collected at the reunion.

Nobody else will see the dollar amount you pledged, but they will see your name.  The person pledging the lowest $$$ on the list agrees to submit themselves to the following humiliation as the "Silent Joker"

The Silent Joker:
-Must wear this costume for 15 minutes at the reunion while playing poker.
-Must not smile and must not speak, for you are playing poker (each smile or word will cost you $0.25 each occurence - people will most surely be counting on your behalf.  You must ignore the paparazzi.)
-May opt out by pledging $50 in lieu of their original pledge.

Other Notes:
-This is all for fun
-In the event of a tie/draw, all chaos will ensue
-Even if you lose, we guarantee that someone will take the fall in your stead
-Pledge period will be open now until August 18, 2017, 11:59pm.

Let's get silly!
This may be you for 15 minutes.
This may be you for 15 minutes.