On-site babysitting is available; Pre-Registration is Required (by 8/12); NO DROP-INs

We have rented two hotel rooms to host children and we have babysitters lined up to watch them.  Babysitters will range be responsible older kids ranging in age between 14-18, with adult supervision.  Babysitters are kids from St. Rose volunteering their time in hopes that you can help them raise money for an upcoming  trip.  Donations accepted.

No child will be left alone without at least two people supervising them.

You are to provide your name and emergency contact information at the time you bring your child to the hotel room. 

You will be provided a ticket for each child you bring - KEEP THIS TICKET as it represents your ownership/custody of said child.  Babysitters will have been instructed to not release children to anyone without a matching ticket at the time they are picked up.